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Parmis accounting software was made by the co founder Mr Mazaher Marjani and then start a real business and competition in 2005 with the goal of offering software services and specially accounting software product.

Today Parmis IT is a famous and grown up software and Parmis IT Co is try to make their products better and make them optimized for all kind of business and users. Our products are Accounting software for Shops, Commercial, Corporate and Manufacturing and also Parmis short message system module (SMS).

In addition to the related peripheral products such as antivirus, internet service, web design and more customers are offered for satisfaction.

Parmis IT with efforts like these could attract satisfaction of significant percentage of customers.

In this regard, the Parmis was named the most successful software company in Iran in 2012 in various festivals and conferences and can expose themselves to the judgment of the experts, and with several authoritative titles including young managers of the Festival of the manufacturers of country, golden statue of a industry champion Iran Download Festival Trophy national - national pride, winner of international brand management, international favorites information Technology management conference, an annual community of engineers, BSI British international certification, the international quality management certification from Philips and Letter appreciation of the premier international meeting.

Parmis information Technology Company, always trying to take advantage of creative forces, young, value and using the latest software updates and hardware technologies based on the demands of present and future customers to produce software and services by requirements of the market and customers.

There are thousands of satisfied customers and numerous achievements gained in various spheres endorses the right path and the promise of a bright future.

• Parmis Credit

Parmis Information Technology Certificates in line with its activities and has obtained the following licenses:

- Licensed establishment of the Ministry of Industries and Mines
- Computer trade license of the country
- Licensed vocational schools of the country's Parmis information technology
- Software license from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade

We are enjoying knowledge management, corporate structure in order to provide valuable services and quality as well as the rights of consumers, in the form of organizing centers have:

• Parmis Call Center

The center uses the most advanced software and hardware, telecom and using E1 lines is the central point of Parmis communication. Smart phone system designed to achieve a single customer service tips are relevant to minimize waiting time.

• Parmis Sales Center

Ready to offer any advice on products and services. Parmis enjoying the experts are committed. We are in the center for customer convenience and to help them make informed choices, take advantage of free trial versions of the software we provide. In addition, customers can watch a free demo and 2 hours of free education in their company or Parmis company and then feel free to buy.

• Parmis Support Center

The center utilizes a variety of experts and a consultant in accounting and computer support services, include telephone support, web presence and give options to consumers. Parmis support of three key slogan, speed, accuracy and timely training will follow.

• Parmis center hardware, networking and security

Procurement and supply hardware requirements, implementation of computer networks, consultancy services and the services of the central executive is in the field of information security. In order to secure more customers from long ago with "Bit Defender" the best anti-virus connect the world in 2012 and we are proud to be one of the little Iranian software Bit Defender Lab software as a healthy and legally registered financial information and we can protect our customers against malware.

• Parmis Training Center

The center, according to customer training, needs a variety of courses in the field of software training, accounting training and computer training offers. As well as periodic and annual conferences as close accounts, open an account, conferences about providing financial and etc held by the Centre.

The use of technologies in the world, using the knowledge of experts committed, market analysis and accurate assessment of customer needs, create dynamic structures, respecting the rights of consumers and new look at old problems, after a decade of successful activity now Parmis is the category leader in the field of software for shops, financial accounting of Iran.

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