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Parmis Accounting Software

Parmis free accounting software (green leaves version)

Parmis Accounting Software Free

Facilities and green leaves version

Download the free version of Parmis financial and accounting software

1- Parmis IT company achived that maturity in less than ten years that now has grown to meet the needs of all active overt and covert Iranian economy in it's responsibility

2- Some of small business's owner usually doesn't like to buy a software for their business or they can't effort to buy a software and they don't even believe in selling or buying a software and most of them doesn't pay for it and use broken ones or cheaper ones.

Those software which produced by one person and support by that person only, aren't trustable so much, and most of them doesn't have authentication or any certification by legal organs.

after a while when these software wouldn't work any more, they cause business owner fail in their financial matters and start to feel that they waist their time and money and they will return to traditional accounting or in the best case scenario they gave their accounting duty to an accountant that doesn't have enough experience in small business

3- on the other hand, those people that have similar situation, when hear about inefficiency of the financial software in the market, get confused to choose the right one and they jump to the conclusion which is financial accounting isn't efficient for small business.

4- According to information that gained from Market researches, existence of cheap, unqualified software in financial fields it's not only bad for business owner, they even can be a danger for financial software in the market. Because it will destroy the trust in the software community in the society.

5- A while ago Parmis decided to design a free software in order to aiming the personal Affairs of people and simple businesses, so the business owners and people can walk through the technology world and manage their financial affairs with computers.

Obviously whit free Parmis Accounting Software (green leaf) which cause the Economic growth and development of small units, Parmis offers the most advanced and useful software in financial field. At present many of the country's economic activists are users of Parmis Accounting Software.

6- In the short time of Parmis Software group activity it has a marvelous and fast advance and improvement and we hope that we can fixed a part of Chaos in cheap and inefficient software market to take back the trust of customers again.

7- Parmis IT team hope that can replace the bad habit of using broken and unknown software with use verified, certificated and supported software.

8- Against the companies which are active in financial software industries, Parmis IT doesn't choose only medium and large companies as marketing target. but always tried to offer the best solution fit for each business without decreasing the quality. and now in the beginning of the 2013 and before introducing Parmis Star Software, we pronounce green leaf version of parmis accounting software free of charge so that every body with any sort of financial situation can manage their business or manage their daily transaction with technical solution.

9. It is clear that "green leaf Parmis" dongle has been and will always be free as they are designed for and free support website or through the customer club Parmis it only will be possible.

Buy and Sell

Returned from buy

Simple Invoicing Order

Entry and exit from warehouse to warehouse Simple Invoicing Buy
Advanced Search in invoices, receipt and transfer of funds Returned from sell


Financial statements, including income statement, cost and balance sheet Control reports of all documents
Journal entry According to the journal, general, specific and detailed
Define and change account groups, accounts and certain general general ledger and certain balance

Product and Storage

Illegible goods Assign a single and two groups for each product
FIFO LIFO method stored goods to 5 Rials Price calculated mean and ... A log of all goods information
Introduction of a warehouse Report fine flow of goods
Total reported circulation of commodities


The introduction of dedicated individuals and two groups to each person
Taking bills each person
Taking balance of the group of persons

Bank & Cheque

Sign banking operations Accounts receivable and payable documents
Introduction 5 banks Register Return and Repatriation Cheque
Introduction of a Fund Sign up and receive payment for each card reader and card to card, bank transfer
Check transfer checks to the bank Unable to connect to PC POS Bank Pasargad
Fish collection bank checks



Is Green Leaf Parmis accounting software is limited?

Parmis software varies in terms of facilities and green leaves Parmis This version features basic version has no shop and no time limit.

What is the reason for putting the free version of accounting software Parmis?

A while ago Parmis decided to design a free software in order to aiming the personal Affairs of people and simple businesses, so the business owners and people can walk through the technology world and manage their financial affairs with computers

Is it possible green leaves Parmis version after using other software to version upgrade Parmis?

Yes, you can use whenever you need a higher version and Taking lock activation, upgrade your software and transfer all the information entered in the Green Paper copies will be given.

Green leaf version different from the basic version has stores?

Parmis green leaf version runs without a dongle and is only possible with support for online and telephone support for not having.

I am a home user. Is the free version of accounting software Parmis needs in connection with the registration and pay me everyday?

yes. you can enter your cost to parmis free accounting software. and you will have no limitation to define new cost account.

If you have questions in relation to work with free software accounting Parmis came to me How can I apply?

For inquiries you can use Parmis through online support site, so click on the chat side of the screen and enter your support.

Free accounting software you've downloaded the file, if the file is downloaded and installed on multiple systems? There is a limit to the installation and get the activation code?

yes. you can install and run parmis accounting software in various systems with downloaded file and there is no limit for producing activation code and you can receive free version activation code only by send an sms.

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