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Parmis Plus accounting software, in accordance with tax laws, is the most practical accounting software for guilds, stores, manufacturing companies and commerce, in small and medium sizes.

Store Versions

This version has good facilities for registration of the "sale", "Equity", "bank and Cheque" and "accounting" . This version features keeping in mind the needs of a small business or a family's financial needs and designed to increase ease of entry for many users, more complete features in this version are disabled.

2. if you have a simple business like a small shop with low financial transactions or you can't effort the full version with full options, we suggest you Base Version.

3. Base version can be rung to start. Do not worry about the future, you buy any version of Parmis accounting software However, you will be enter in Parmis large family and if needed can upgrade your software and more complete facilities of other versions benefit.

Buy And Sell

Returned from buy

Entry and exit from warehouse

Advanced search on invoices, receipt and transfer of funds

Easy Invoicing Buy

Easy Invoicing Shop

Returned from Sell


Financial statements including profit and loss, cost and balance sheet

Journal entry

Define and change account groups, accounts and general ledger

Control report of all documents

Report of journal, general ledger and detailed

General ledger, and modal balance

Shipping and Storage

product Illegible

Warehouse products to 5 Rials price calculation method LIFO FIFO AVG و ...

The introduction of a storage

Total Report circulation of commodities

Assign a single unit and two groups for each product

A log of all information about products

Report fine flow of products


The introduction of dedicated individuals and two groups to each person

Taking each individual bills

Taking account balances of individuals, groups

Bank and Check

Sign banking operations

Introduction 5 banks

The introduction of a fund

Plug the Check delegation to the bank

Receipt of proceeds Check bank

Receivables and payables reports

Register Return and Repatriation Check

Sign up and receive a separation payment card reader and card to card, bank transfer

Can be connected to PC POS Bank Pasargad


Assign 2 Users

1. We invest about numbers of stores in different degrees in the needs assessment and in accordance with their basic needs, and developed a simple and efficient application. As you'd expect, everything is available. If you have a typical store in the city Store version is what you need *

2. If this version is what you have chosen for yourself, make sure to take advise from our expert, take a look at the features of commercial versions too, you may have forgotten some of your needs

Buy And Sell

Entry and exit of storage

Advanced search on invoices, receipt and transfer of funds

Apply the discount percentage for each item

Registration settlement date for invoices

Set up alerts settlement date due invoices

grouping factor by refined, unrefined and ...

factor the transfer between warehouses

Easy Invoicing Buy

Invoicing Buy

Returned from sell

Returned from buy

Before issuing the purchase invoice

Sales invoice issuance

Shipping and storage

Introduction primary and secondary single unit for each product

Recorded two price lists for each product

Unlimited lists and assign discounts applied to each product group

A log of all information about products _

Report fine circulation of commodities

Total Report circulation of commodities

Products Illegible _

5 Rials calculation method for storage price LIFO,FIFO,AVG و ...

Introduction 5 storage

Report a breakdown of _

Minimum maximum sales price for each product

Introduction new products using the model of other

Warehouse handling


Referrals Unlimited

Assign privileges to users

Active Control


Control report of all documents

Reports of newspaper offices of deputy and Detailed

General ledger, and modal balance

Financial statements including profit and loss, cost and balance sheet

Journal entry

change the definition of total and specific account groups

View and modify documents on hand

Report automatic documents

Control and sort and merge documents

Bank and Check

Sign banking operations

Introduction unlimited bank

Introduction 3 Fund

Plug the Check delegation to the bank

Jack proceeds to bank checks

Receivables and payables reports

Back up and returned to Check

Sign up and receive a separation payment card, bank transfer and card to card

Can be connected to PC POS Bank Pasargad

Introduction Check Category Personal

Daily alerts notes receivable, payable and receivable flows

Check top calculated automatically and manually

Automatic receiving current payables and receivable


Introduction unlimited groups and assign to any third parties

Taking each individual bills

Taking account balances of individuals, groups

Allocate credits for one person

1. The Parmis Plus Business Edition is a complete accounting software that provides a compilation of the basic facilities and requirements of a business unit.

2. If you own a small or medium business that is part of your business activities in the area of trading goods and services, along with the routine routine of a variety of businesses, the commercial version will meet the special accountancy needs of your business.

1. In the category of Parmis Plus product catalogs designed for a variety of stores with a diverse range of activities, the special edition is a complete version that delivers all the features of the program to the users.

2. Whenever you need more features and your business is at the stage of growth, Parmis Plus special edition can make you one step closer to your business success.

what stores use base version usually ?

usually small stores that have a fund and a warehouse and have simple sales use base version

Medium Store version is different than the base version?

This version has features such as product with 2 main and sub unit of account, applying the percent discount on any item, price lists, Introduction five storage, applying settlement date on the invoice, factor by group, third and unlimited funds and banks ... It is usually recommended for stores with a turnover average

Does barcode reader can also be used for shops in the basic version?

Yes, this is possible at all version

is base version expandable ?

Yes, this version is expandable with data retention

how users can be determined for each specific access in stores that have an average multiple users?

it is possible for any user to access certain specified

The Bank and check are the benefits of this version compared to the basic version?

The average retail facilities such as the head of the Check version, alerts the Check and ... there was Check Introduction categories that covers all matters relating to Check


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Free installation

1 year free support
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2 hours free tutorial
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Ability to connect to Bank's PC Pos(Ver 11)

Other versions of Parmis Plus accounting software

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