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 Parmis Star Accounting ERP Software


Parmis Star Accounting ERP Software


Accounting is the heart of an organization and source of communication between the units as well as other organizations. Organization units associated with each process accounting, so the ERP software, accounting subsystem is a special place and special.

Parmis Star accounting subsystem in accordance with the needs assessment of senior executives and financial, accepted accounting principles, current customer needs and flexible research and development is designed in such a way that the varied requirements of an accounting system to give the best possible answer. All subsystems according to the accounting sub-system communication settings automatically or manually by the subsystem and increase the accuracy of repetitive actions and also prevents time-consuming.

Accounting software is the main element of any company or business system software and suit the needs of the organization, the feasibility of various financial models and ease of use to its users, the focus of managers. Parmis Star accounting software that can be designed with different accounting models ranging from commercial establishments, service, contracting, manufacturing, government and businesses adapt various sizes run. All related subsystems such as Treasury, Commerce, warehouse, fixed assets and its own operations in the form of financial instrument accounting software and financial accounting reports are sent, and this means valid at any moment to decide managers will be better.




Maintenance of multiple fiscal years in a database

Save documents as templates for re-export

Save the document row to row to prevent issuance in case of power failure, etc.

Tree headings defined at the group level, the aggregate level, given the infinite and infinitely detailed

Ability to communicate both with extremely detailed level of floating trees

The possibility attachment required documents and files to any document

The possibility of introducing an unlimited number of documents and the accounts of several different companies separately on a system

Tree account turnover on all levels of accounting

You can browse the entire surface of the accounts of accounting and vice versa document and view charts of each account balance at any level

The possibility of collecting, sorting and copies of documents and allows you to search for documents using the least information.

Ability to assign a reference number to each document Document Number 3




The possibility of introducing an unlimited number of financial periods by setting the start time and end of the period

Multi-currency system with the possibility of maintenance of the exchange rate and the exchange rate daily and instantaneous ability to determine the code length for the group, all defined, detailed and detailed float up to 9 digits

Detailed and comprehensive account of the possibility of creating an infinite number of groups, each group an unlimited number

Ability to communicate a specific account at infinity surface with floating Tfsylyhay

Infinity Group to communicate detailed and extremely detailed account in each level separately with a certain account

Ability to draft documents states (unregistered), temporary, authenticated and registered office

Defining billing document types to classify accounting documents and reports

The possible introduction of accounts and sign documents on foreign currency exchange information when issuing documents

The possibility of separate groups for balance sheet accounts, income security

The possibility of determining the nature, limits the maximum debits and credits in each transaction, the situation remained during the period and at the end, enabled or disabled for each account

Circuit schematic design documents and reports to customize the user

Grouping documents dynamically

Registration is simple and possible mergers and acquisitions and combine documents together

Determine the final level, significant document, Mandhdar or Tfzyldar of each account

Control over the number of printed documents

Sorting documents in three ways, all day activities in a number of document / any activity in a number of documents in a day / every activity and assigns a document number or document number of new Sort by Date

The possibility of creating a document template definition document for ease of issuance of similar documents and duplicate items

ARTICLE possibility of repeating as an all Rtyklhay a document (use the same description for the rows document)

Ability to automatically create detailed for individuals and the possibility of change in accounting settings form

Possibility of issuing automated document separation profit and loss account or as totals

Prevent the registration document after document issued at the closing of each fiscal year

The possibility of limiting access to specific documents or accounts for multiple users

Ability to copy and paste items in the new documents and documents or other documents and to integrate document and return to the assembly lines

Office supplies account (separate office Mynhay a whole or a specific Tfsylyhay)

Creation of automated document processing document the opening of the previous year (if they have any concluding document of the previous year)

The possibility of transferring account balances into the new fiscal year automatically

The possibility of attachment file types for each document




Report of the ledger at various levels (general, specific, detailed) with a variety of restrictions by date, document type, document number and ...

Providing basic financial statements (balance sheet, trial balance, profit and loss, etc.) with various restrictions

Report of circulation circulation Tfsylyha just fine

According to the newspaper office routine and officially (according to the newspaper office to office use scripting)

Warehouse accounting report

According to the document as the cumulative total (summary document) or the amount of component (coated paper) and no amount of component

Ability to view the balance sheet and trial balance report 2, 4, 6 and 8 columns

Ability to view reports balance sheet T

Ability to define those authorized to sign the report and add the signatories for each report indefinitely

Professional Edition allows you to set schema reports and reports

The possibility of leaving all reports in Word, Excel, PDF, etc.


Sub Systems

All related subsystems such as Treasury, Commerce, Inventory, HR and etc submitted their operations in the form of financial documents to accounting software.
Parmis Star Inventory is directly contact with accounting systems, production and commerce etc. Parmis Star also can store product in inventory as Rial unit or in separate number.
Sale & Purchasing
Manager's of commercial companies control stocks, delivery, customer's debt, customer's authority and other ingredient related to sale & purchasing. this system will give them a proper implement for this process.
Sale Managemen
One of the most challenging processes companies import and export trade, properly manage orders, inventory control as well as control over the status of orders from order entry to delivery moment it is in stock.
Application of the Treasury (and get paid) Parmis Star status and the types of documents receivable and payable cash payment and reimbursement process to monitor and fully mechanized so that it is absolutely necessary to register manually treasury operations need to issue a financial document and all financial documents related to treasury operations will be automatically created
An E-Commerce or E-Shop is capable to save the information of your product in Parmis Star Accounting Software in ERP approach. It can also manage your online market and online selling process through the Internet.
CRM stands for Customer Relationships Management which is a business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase the benefits of an organization. General task of CRM is to manage customer relationship in integrated system of sale, support, marketing etc and also help the organization to achieve the goal faster.
The manufacturing sub system of Parmis Star Accounting Software control cost of products, reports of raw materials during to separate workstations as well as managing the production process.
This system's task is to pay and calculate personnel salary in each part of the organization like support, it, manufacturing which has the most impact on personnel salary.
Parmis Smart
Due to advances in technology and simplicity of use of smartphones and also welcomed the willingness of users to run software on their mobile phones and tablets, smartphones Parmis Star subsystem in two separate versions for users and has produced manager
Alert & Notification
Parmis credit cards, e-cards that employers can encourage your customers to buy more, cards gold, silver, bronze and so on. If customers make purchases using credit cards issued in the card can enjoy discounts percent specified use
Loan & Commitment
For facilities management and mortgage loans as well as the ability to define and manage these facilities, the need for accurate and integrated accounting software in addition to being able to manage these relationships can be integrated with other parts of the facility's accounting software have
Loyalty Card
Parmis credit cards, e-cards that employers can encourage your customers to buy more, cards gold, silver, bronze and so on. If customers make purchases using credit cards issued in the card can enjoy discounts percent specified use
Parmis Star Accounting Software by creating Distribution sub system provides the ability to manage transfer and broadcast process. The Distribution sub system of Parmis Star Accounting Software, will help you in definition of coding levels, defining paths, business conditions and other factors needed to manage a broadcast system.

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