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The center is one of the most active centers having experienced Parmis Parmis is in the service of our esteemed customers.

All activities associated with selling products and services through this center is Parmis. Experts of the central office after receiving customers' requirements, to evaluate them and provide them with the best possible solutions of Parmis.

The main activities of this center are as follows:

Offer free consultations to customers before buying
Product demos and software provided
Review and assessment of clients and provide the best solution of PARMIS
Post a free trial version of Parmis software for applicants
Dear Customers can also top of each service agencies across the country also receive Parmis.
Buyers of parmis Products also able to buy software, to ensure efficient software to download or request copies or install the free trial version of Parmis software.

Free Consultation:

For more information you can take advantage from free consulting services sales center of Parmis, our consultants to further explain any of the above services are at your service.
If you wish to receive a free consultation, call providing software demos, buy goods and services or further information, please contact the Service Center of parmis sales part.

Parmis sales headquarters:

Call center number: +982187758
Direct phone: +982187759999
Direct fax: +982187759501
Email: Sales {at}

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